October 19, 2015: Fruit

Even when I got to bed later than usual, still awake before six.  Today is very warm, bright sun and no cloud cover or shade.  It is Monday morning.

In our fruit delivery today there was pitaya (dragonfruit) so we bought a big one and I ate half of it with just a spoon and it was pretty good.  Then Dominica took the other half of it and put it into a delicious pineapple, banana, pitaya smoothie.  Making fresh smoothies every day is awesome.

Also in today’s fruit haul are sweet lemons, which most people here refer to as oranges, but they are actually lemons.  So many new fruits to try out.  Very fun.

By noon it got pretty hot in the house.  Of course I tend to spend a lot of my time standing by the pool so that I can work at the kitchen counter and that means that I am in the sun for much of that time so I tend to be really cooking.

I went out and picked up lunch to bring home and while I was out Dominica made homemade pina coladas from our fresh fruit and Flor de Cana rum.  Delicious.  This is how to work from home!