October 5, 2015: Seven Miles of Walks

I was up at six this morning and put in about an hour getting up to date on the world and doing some posting.  Dominica was up around seven and shortly after she was up I went out for a long morning constitutional around the city.  This time I set out to the west to see what there was out in that direction.

While I was out Dominica dealt with the water boy delivering our next five gallons of water and the maid coming to clean the house and the pool guy coming to check on the pool.  I cannot believe that it takes two visits a week to keep a pool inside of the house healthy.

It was pretty hot for me, nearly ninety degrees in bright sun, while on my walk.  I ended up doing almost exactly six miles around the city.  It was a good walk and I feel like each of these walks results in a far better understanding of the area.  Nicaragua is very interesting.

On the way back to the house I stopped by at the Cafe Isabella and got two take away (para llevar) plates of gallo pinto and scrambled eggs for Dominica and me to have for breakfast.  While I was there I get Carl and Jim, two retirees who have lived here in Granada for eighteen and ten years respectively.  Carl is eighty, now.  I got to talk to Carl for probably fifteen minutes before he had to run away to deal with an errand.  I am slowly getting to know people around town.

Dominica was pretty excited that I brought food home today.  It is so hot here; it is no fun to cook.

Writing and posting most of the day.  A pretty slow day at the Miller household in Granada.  The girls had fun doing school.  Luciana is loving doing school and demands every day that she get to do it.  She does not like when she has to wait for Liesl before having her school time.

This evening Dominica really wanted pizza for dinner and Luciana wanted to go to the store.  So Dominica and Liesl stayed home and just Luciana and I walked up to La Colonia and Pizza Vale.  It was nice having a daddy daughter walk together, something that we almost never get to do.  It is a long walk too and she did great.  No complaining or anything.  She was very happy to walk all of thatwa way with me to the store.  It was a lot of fun.

We ordered our take out pizzas from Pizza Vale and then went over to La Colonia, the grocery store in the same plaza, to do some shopping.  We got two bags of groceries and then picked up our two pizzas, a vegetarian pizza for Dominica and me and just a cheese and garlic pizza for the girls.

The walk back was a little challenging because I had to carry two very hot pizzas, two bags of groceries and hold Luciana’s hand as we navigated dark streets.

Dominica set up the television with The Nanny which Liesl really likes and once back we all set on the floor of our bedroom watching television and eating the pizza.

It was an early night for us.  Dominica and I were in bed by ten.  With my long walk this morning in the heat and another walk this evening I was ready for some sleep.  All of the heat, humidity and sunlight really take the energy right out of you.