October 9, 2015: Rough Day with the Girls

It is Friday, the end of our second full week in Nicaragua.  It is amazing how quickly Central America feels very much like home.  It is quite comfortable living here.  We are enjoying it a lot.

So far we have no plans for our weekend.  It is looking more and more like we will just be spending the weekend here rather than going anywhere.  It is a bit of effort to arrange travel when we do not have a car of our own so we tend to not do it lightly.  Maybe sometime next week.

I managed to do a lot of catch up on SGL today.  Should be fully caught up by tomorrow, I think.

This morning I made a trip to the Quick Stop down on the corner for a few needed supplies.  Just a quick trip, it really is not far at all, just about three blocks away.

Today ended up being a really tough day for the kids.  We can’t figure out if there were just way too tired or what the deal was, but both of them were just insanely grumpy nearly all day.

We tried to go to a new burger place that I had discovered on my walk to the corner store this morning for lunch.  I ended up on a call for two hours in the middle of the day so that took us until about two thirty to go out for lunch.  The girls were so grumpy that Dominica would not go anywhere with them so I had to go on my own.

I found the restaurant was already closed by the time that I finally got to it.  So no veggie burgers for us for lunch.  We were really looking forward to that.

We ended up having to send both girls to their room for naps at three in the afternoon.  It was that bad.

Until six or so, Dominica and I had the living room to ourselves as the girls were mostly quiet upstairs.  Around six Luciana came out and asked if they couldn’t spend time with us – they wanted us to go to bed early and have family time watching The Nanny.  They are adorable, it is hard to resist.

Dominica wanted pizza and talked me into walking up to Pizza Vale, getting two pizzas, going grocery shopping at La Colonia and bringing back food for everyone to the house.  So I did a bit of walking alone and bringing back dinner.

Once I got home the girls FaceTimed grandpa for maybe twenty minutes.  Their first time talking to him from Nicaragua.

Then Dominica and I did some video game shopping on Steam’s weekend sale.  Dominica went a bit crazy and had me buy her the entire Telltale video game collection which turned out to be more than thirty five games!  One of our largest video game purchases in a very long time.

We watched The Nannny as a family for a while and were off to bed on the early side.