November 10, 2015: No More Kitty

We got up this morning, after six, and came out to investigate the cat situation.  From what we can tell, our visiting cat and decided that it was time to go.  There is no signs of him still being around.  We are all just a little sad that the cute little kitty face is not staring down on us from up in the rafters today, though.

Today was mostly a quiet day around the house.  We went nowhere.  Got our morning fruit delivery and kept it to a minimum: the fridge is bursting at the seems with all of the fresh fruit in there.  We have nowhere to put anything.

Dominica made cheesy eggs, toast and potatoes this morning.  Way more than I could eat.  She is trying to use up the potatoes that are all in the fridge.

So much is going on with MangoLassi that I was on the phone with Art and Danielle for much of the day.  Art and I did a training session on A Small Orange and cPanel, as well, today.  We had a great traffic day, too.

Dominica made banana, peanut butter and chocolate smoothies today.  Not my favourite but we have to eat what we have to eat.

This evening Dominica sent me out to the corner store for some basics and, for the first time here, I forgot my wallet.  I had to leave everything at the counter, walk all of the way back home, get my wallet and all of the way back to the store.

Luciana and Liesl decided to swim this evening for a little bit then put themselves to “bed” at six thirty!  A big crazy.  But they got up and came downstairs again later in the evening to watch some shows in the living room on an iPad.

We had a heavy rain tonight but it lasted for ten minutes at most.  We have had only one or two rain storms since we have been in Nicaragua that compare to what we had on the night that we first arrived here.