November 9, 2015: El Dia Del Gato

I got up this morning at four and when I came out to see the cat, he was nowhere to be found.  I thought that maybe the tuna had done the trick.  I checked and he had eating about half of what I had put out for him.

I went downstairs and wrote for most of the early morning.  At around six I was walking around and looked up and… the cat was back in his spot!  Where did he come from?  We have no idea.  I guess he must have been hiding around the house somewhere for the past two hours.  Pretty weird.

The cat was much less scared today and instead of laying and staring intently and motionless he would lounge up in the rafters and napped for quite a bit of the day.  He would allow a foot, tail or nose to droop down and be visible.  Clearly he is relaxing.  But he never came down or allowed us to approach him.

From time to time we could hear him calling.  He is pretty young, certainly less than a year old.  Early in the morning I could hear his mother calling to him and he would answer.  Makes us feel quite sad.  But at least he is visibly healthy.

This evening Dominica wanted pizza and we needed supplies, notably cat food, from the store.  So I walked uptown and ordered pizza from Pizza Vale and went to La Colonia and went grocery shopping.  Mostly we needed dairy products, especially cheese, and both dry and wet cat food.  We are well stocked for cats now.

I picked up our pizzas and walked home.  They are getting to know us up at the pizza place.

I got home and we watched about an hour of Oklahoma which we own on Amazon VOD.  At first Luciana was really into it but she got tired of it.  So we watched The Book of Life, also on Amazon VOD.  This is Liesl’s favourite recent movie and was quite good.  We all really liked it.  It was my first time seeing it.  Liesl had previously seen it on an airplane, I think, and the rest of the family all watched it at a hotel in Austin at some point while I was not around.

After the movie, we all went to bed.