November 13, 2015: Insomnia

I got woken up just enough and at the right times last night so that I never ended up managing to get to sleep.  So at around two this morning I decided to give up on that idea, come downstairs and at least do something rather than laying in bed with insomnia.  That’s the worst thing to do – never let the insomnia win.

So I put in about four and a half hours of writing and posting downstairs.  It was nice as it is a bit cooler at that time of day and I got to watch the sun come up.

At six thirty I was super tired and falling asleep in my chair so I made my way back to bed and this time fell asleep and slept for about an hour and a half.  Not a lot but enough that it would let me remain functional for the day.

I did a little writing before attending a webinar at eleven this morning.  It was horrible though, such a waste of time.

I am very excited that with this week’s release of the new Steam Machines (PCs that are basically video game consoles but managed by Steam) the small gaming PC that Dominica and I had decided that we were going to get when we were back in the States in December (the Zotac Magnus 970) has been used as the basis for building Zotac’s first Steam Machine but has a lower price point (overall, technically it is higher but it comes with way more) and has a one generation newer CPU, twice as many cores (quad rather than dual), 8GB RAM included and a 1TB SATA hard drive and it comes with one Steam Controller of its own too and the Steam Controller’s dongle is internal to the little device.  Super excited.  I have not had a new desktop of my own since 2002!  Thirteen years, it is time.  And this one is seriously built for gaming.  And it is just awesome to support Steam and their vision for a Linux-based PC platform video game console system.

Luciana is playing more and more Minecraft these days and not just on the iPad but mostly on the PC now.  She uses my HP Folio 13 laptop for that when Liesl is not using it.  So happy that she has managed to get into the gaming with the rest of us and that she is getting so good at it so quickly.  In many ways, Minecraft is for Liesl and Luciana what Legos were to me at that age.

I got openSuse Leap 42.1 downloaded today and switched my laptop back from Hyper-V to VirtualBox which is easier to manage and works quite a bit better and did some early experimentation with the new openSuse Leap release.  It looks really great.

Luciana wanted to swim tonight but Liesl would not swim with her.  So daddy swam with her and after a while Liesl was jealous and came down to swim too.  We swam for probably an hour and we had a great time.

Once done swimming the girls changed into pajamas to prepare for family snuggle time upstairs.  The girls wanted to play Back to the Future: The Game but that was not for tonight.  Liesl said that she was wearing her princess pajamas because this was “such a great night” and she did not want it to end.  We really had an awesome family night tonight.

We thought about playing some games tonight but Dominica wanted to watch a movie, Liesl wanted to play Broken Age and I really wanted to sleep. So we just did our own things.  Luciana watched Liesl play her game and I went to sleep.  At least they were there snuggling with me while they did their gaming.