November 2, 2015: Dia de los Muertes

Today is Dia de los Muertes, so a holiday around Nicaragua.  I had to be up very early this morning because I needed to get Ryan off to the airport in Managua.  We needed to leave the house by six this morning.  I was up at five thirty and ready by six.  It was a nice cool morning, very nice for a drive up to the capital.

It takes just over an hour to drive from Granada through Masaya and up to the airport in Managua.  We had a little traffic this morning but not very much.  Being a holiday probably kept it to a minimum.  The airport is tiny and in daylight is super easy to deal with.  Not much different than dealing with Westchester, really.

Dropped Ryan off around seven and was on my way back.  It was so nice that I had the windows down for the whole drive and it was nice and cool.  The air temperature is really great today.

It was just after eight when I got back to the Granada house.  Our housekeeper did not come today.  We figured out that it was probably because it was a holiday.  Luciana was up when I got home and had a nice, quiet morning playing in the living room.  I posted for a bit and did some catching up.  Then Luciana and I took a walk together to the corner store and picked up some supplies.

On our way to the corner store, Luciana and I stopped Cafe Isabella’s and ordered breakfast for everyone.  Big plates of gallo pinto for Dominica and me and an order of pancakes for the girls to split.  We were able to pick it up on the way back home.

In the late morning we took the car while we still had it up to La Colonia and did our biggest grocery shopping trip to date, loading up with more than $120 worth of groceries.  We’ve had nothing remotely close to that yet.  Having a car is nice.

I dropped Dominica and the girls off at the house with the groceries and drove straight on to the Hotel Plaza Colon to drop off the car.  That ended up taking quite a while because they were unsure how to use the computer.  It took so long that they had be go home and brought me the paperwork later in the afternoon to sign at home.  On the walk home I tried taking a time lapse video of the walk from the main park to our house.  It was so shaky though.  It is painful to watch.

I spent the afternoon posting and writing.  Kept myself pretty busy.  Luciana had a rough evening and ended up getting in a lot of trouble and lost her iPad for two days, lost some toys, had a strict dinner assigned.

Around six I walked down to the new Taco Stop and got take out for Dominica and me.  She has not had a chance to try the Taco Stop at all.  I got tacos, burritos, quesadilla…..

Dominica really liked all of the food.  It was all very well prepared and delicious.  We loved it and Dominica insists that we add it to our regular food rotation now.

Quiet evening.  Dominica watched Game of Thrones on her laptop and I was writing most of the evening.  Moved upstairs around ten but never put on a show or anything.  The girls played in our room until ten thirty or so when we sent them off to bed in their own room.  They actually did not want to go to their own room but wanted to snuggle in our room.  That was unexpected.