November 3, 2015: Just the Family at Home Again

Today is our back to normal day now that we are done with our long weekend of travel and our weekend of hanging out with Ryan.  We slept in a little more than usual this morning, it was around six thirty when I got up.  Late for me but since everyone went off of DST back in the US I was still up early for them compared to when I am normally up.

I am still feeling a bit behind after being away for the weekend and from the weekend before that too, so I have been working to get caught up.  SGL is about halfway caught up at this point.

We had a relatively quiet day at home today.  The girls both did school and we really did not go anywhere.  I had to deal with a server outage for a bit of the day which kept me tied to the house more than I normally would have been.

Once things had quieted down I returned to the Taco Stop again to get dinner as Dominica is now addicted to it.  It really is some of the best Tex Mex ever.  We got all taco duros this time along with some chips and guacamole and a quesadilla de queso.

So a note about chips in Nicaragua.  They are not like tortilla chips from anywhere else that I know and they are not good.  They are hard, so hard that they actually hurt to eat.  I’ve never had tortilla chips like these.  Even from the best restaurants they are not good.  It is just the style here.

We put on one episode of The Nanny to watch while we ate our dinner.  Then, as I had promised Liesl yesterday, we had a “family game night” where she played one of her Nintendo 3DS games in bed while Luciana and I watched. Dominica did her own thing.

Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day for me.  So getting caught up on SGL as much as I can tonight.