November 21, 2015: Video Game Day for the Girls

Woke up around six thirty, came downstairs and opened the front door as we are a bit desperate to get a water delivery today as there has not been one for three days now.  Our main water jug is completely empty and we are getting low on the reserve and the fridge is almost out of cold water.  We go through so much water because of the heat and the humidity that running out means that I have to walk to the grocery store and lug a rather sizable amount of water back to the house and even that would not last us for very long.  Water is a big concern here in Nicaragua.

We did manage to get water this morning and we had to deal with beggars too.  By eight we had closed the front door and are just doing without the extra air.  It is unfortunate that we have to approach the problem in that way.  But having it open just ruins the day and leaves us constantly wonder if we look up and see someone if they will see us and come to harass us because of it.

I went to bakery at eight and got bread that Dominica has been wanting for a while and donuts.  She is in love with their donuts.

The girls decided that today was an all day video game day for them.  This is the first time that I can recall them ever doing this.  They started by setting up in the dining room with Octodad.  Within an hour, without any adult oversight whatsoever – either of us was even in the room, Liesl completed the end of the game!  So impressive.  She beat a rather challenging game in just a couple of days.

Beating the game opened up a free play mode which the girls used for a little while.  They also took turned playing Disney’s Tinkerbell game that we just got or them recently.  They really enjoyed that and put in a few hours on it.

They have both been playing Tiny Thief on their iPads recently too.

Dominica and I put in a couple hours working on doing a podcast today.  Most of what we did we decided that we needed to scrap, though.  But we think that we got something that will work.  We are in the process of rethinking our podcasting and blogging approach so have stalled a bit.

Dominica and I felt like a classic movie and chose Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelley in Anchors Aweigh which the girls ended up joining us for and was well over two hours long.  That is a serious movie.

Then we had game night as a family.  Liesl played Back to the Future: The Game Episode 4.  Something was wrong with our saved game and nothing that we did before got saved.  So she played through it all again.  We had put in two hours last time getting to where we had left off.  She did great and she marched right through the parts that we had not played yet too.  By the end of the night she had completed the episode and Dominica had long before fallen asleep, so she missed the whole thing.

Only one episode left for us to wrap up this series!