November 4, 2015: Webinar Prep

Today is Wednesday.  Got up and had a busy morning of writing.  But overall today was a slow day.  We had so much going on recently that we are all feeling the need for “nothing” to be going on right now.

On Wednesdays we have both maid service and fruit delivery.  Boy do we get a lot of fruit.

Early this afternoon I had a webinar prep to get ready for the webinar that I am going to be doing tomorrow with Scale and Spiceworks.  We are doing the same Waffle House backup and recovery talk that we did at SpiceWorld back in Austin.

I built a hosted Spiceworks Helpdesk today and did some playing around with that.  Have not seen their helpdesk product in over a year so got to see the latest design changes.

The GOG Big Fall Sale started today.  That is going to be hard to resist.