November 6, 2015: Slow Friday

Dominica was still in a lot of pain this morning.  Her bruise is far, far worse than it was yesterday and it is clearly still growing.  It is a huge black area on her leg.  It must be at least nine square inches!

There was a nice rain this morning lingering on from last night.  It made for a very nice morning to be downstairs.

It was a slow day today.  Fairly relaxing.

I did a download of Fedora 23 today so start playing with it.

This evening I picked up tacos for us all, again, from Taco Stop.  Dominica is completely and totally addicted to Taco Stop tacos and Luciana has come to really love their quesadillas.  I am happy that we have found new food that Luciana really likes.  It is very different from anything that she typically eats.

I don’t know how much more I can take of eating tacos every day.  They are really getting to know me there, now!