October 22, 2015: Liesl Loses Another Tooth

I did not get great sleep last night as Liesl kept me up much of the night playing video games in our bedroom.  She did a great job on Broken Age, though, and is really far through it completely on her own.  Her being able to play adult video games when we are asleep is very impressive.

We got loads more fruit today.  Liesl tried drinking her first coconut today.  She had a little but was not really that into it so I ended up drinking most of it. But she tried it which is great.

Liesl lost another tooth this morning.  She is losing them very quickly, I feel.

Luciana says: If we didn’t have legs, our feet would attach to our butts.

That girl has some funny things to say.

I did some walking around this evening trying to figure out where the Dollar Rent a Car location was.  I knew where their lot was but had no idea how to find their offices.  I looked all over the blocks surrounding their lot but was unable to locate them.  Dominica tried to look them up online too but was unable to locate them.

This evening we started watching Back to the Future II on Netflix which is free for us.  We got maybe halfway before the girls wanted to watch something else.

They switched to video games and Liesl played Terraria for a while and then switched to Broken Age before going to bed.