October 21, 2015: Back to the Future Day

Today was extra hot.  Very, very hot.  We were melting all day.  No cloud cover at all.  The bright days are the worst.  When it is overcast it is wonderful here in Granada, but those overcast days seem to be few and far between.

Today is “Back to the Future Day”, the date on which Marty and Doc traveled to in the future of Back to the Future Part II.

I got some writing done today and submitted two more articles for publication which actually fills up my backlog through the end of the year.

This evening I went out and got some pastries for the family on my own around seven.  I got home and everyone really liked them and since I had taken pictures of the pasteleria they wanted me to go out and get more stuff.  So Liesl came out with me, around eight thirty, for a walk to get more.  But we found that they were closed.  So much for getting more pastries.

Since it is “Back to the Future Day” we were having family game night and playing Back to the Future: The Game Episode Three.  We could not get the controller to connect because the batteries were dead.  So Liesl volunteered to go walking with me to the corner store to get batteries.

Liesl and I had a very nice walk together, just the two of us.  We stopped by Licoria Mary on the way back and picked up some beer too.

Back home we played Back to the Future: The Game for a bit.  Then the girls wanted to play Broken Age.  Liesl ended up playing her game late into the night, long after Dominica and I had gone to sleep.  That means that Liesl is able to play that game without any problems even without us helping her in any way.  We did not watch any of the game with her!  She did it 100% on her own.