December 12, 2015: Dominica Bakes Cookies

Dominica was up and gone long before seven this morning.  She and her sister are spending the day baking cookies for different functions that are coming up.  I was expecting Dominica to be gone all morning but she ended up being gone for the entire day!  I got up around eight and had no idea how early she had left.

So today was just dad and I hanging out at the condo with the girls.  It was mostly dad playing with he granddaughters all day.  We had a nice, relaxing day.  I got a bit of posting done.

We spent a bit of time just hanging out out on the balcony today.  We have two rocking chairs out there.  Throughout the day mine kept getting worse and worse with first the arm falling off and eventually the chair starting the sag and it had to be avoided.

It was a nice, quiet day.  Dad and I watched a few shows on Greece with the girls today.  Luciana talked again about how she wanted to go to Greece and hopes that we can get there soon.  Good news for her that we will be there in two and a half weeks!  We have not paid for our flights yet, do to our credit card issues the other day, but in theory everything will be paid tomorrow.

We ordered in Dominos pizza for lunch.  It was so windy that the receipt blew away before the delivery guy ever made it to our place.  It was crazy windy here all day.  At one point dad went into his room and found his coat still on a doorknob but blown out the window.  He was pretty lucky that it had not blown away completely!

Dad and I watched My Life in Ruins today which he has not seen in a very long time and did not remember too much.  The girls watched it with us.  They are starting to know it a little.

It was surprisingly late when Dominica finally got home.  Nearly time for bed!  We tried watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding which I bought for Dominica today because she has been asking for it for a week or two but she did not manage to really see any of it when we tried to watch it and we stopped it about halfway.

We have a busy day tomorrow.