December 18, 2015: A Quiet Day Alone at the Condo

Today is Friday.  We got up this morning and put on Christmas music around the house since today was our first day with access to Bluetooth speakers on which to play the music.  The girls barely got to hear any, though, as they slept through most of it.  We played quite a selection before they got up, though.

I made a new analogy this morning that Dominica especially liked: Renaming a Chinese Gooseberry to kiwifruit and having it work is like shutting down American Thanksgiving because we had a political dispute with Turkey.

Once the girls were up and ready they all went up to the Grices’ for the day and to spend the night.  I am going to see them tomorrow.  This gave me much of the day to be productive with the house being quiet.

I got a bit of posting and writing and some miscellaneous stuff done today.  It was not too bad.  I really appreciate my quiet time to myself when I am able to get it, which is pretty rare.

Sadly, this evening, the power went out for a moment and the Internet died with it.  The power came back almost instantly.  The Internet, however, did not.  I had been watching Mamma Mia, too.  I was over halfway when the connection went down.

I gave it about an hour before going to the front desk of the hotel to see what was going on.  They said that they had called the ISP and that someone was coming out to look into it.  But right then they said that their WiFi had come back.  I checked my phone and could see that it was up so was relieved.  I went back to the condo and by the time that I got there the Internet was out again.  Argh.  It never ended up coming back tonight at all.

So much for being productive with my time off.  I walked over to Sonic to pick up dinner.  On my way there I got waylaid by the security guard who talked to me telling me his life story for a minimum of half an hour.  I learned all about his time in the marines, serving in Vietnam, when he was deployed to Nicaragua and Lebanon, his retirement, his new career, what his kids do for work and how their jobs are going, his son’s new truck and on and on.

I got food and came back and played some games on Steam since those were working with the Internet out.