December 17, 2015: Puzzle Day

Thursday.  Christmas is coming quickly.  It doesn’t really quite feel like it yet but there is just over a week left.  It sneaks up on you so fast.

I was on the phone quite a bit this morning.  That always drives Dominica crazy because it always happens right when she is trying to do school stuff with the girls and, of course, there isn’t enough space in the house to get away from each other in any meaningful way so we are right on top of each other and it makes the phone calls very much an interruption to everything else.

I did lab work today.  A bit of work on Solaris 11.3.  I’ve not worked on Solaris in a long time.  Nice to see it up and running again.  This is on the new, giant Scale cluster that we are using in the lab.

I spent a bit of time watching the girls today while Dominica was out shopping with Francesca.  The girls and I played a lot of puzzle games like HexCells Plus and Lyne.  Liesl loves Lyne, it is her favourite puzzle game right now.

Dominica bought a nice, small Bluetooth travel stereo speak while she was out an Walgreens.  It is attractive and seems like we will be able to be mobile with it pretty easily.  We played with that a bit this evening getting it set up and working with the gaming system and then getting it working with the Amazon Fire TV system that we have in our master bedroom here.