December 2, 2015: Download Day and the Steam Controller

Today is Wednesday, we’ve been in Texas less than a week.  We are still loving our condo, though.  It is really great.  Dominica did such a good job finding this place.  We are very thankful for having this place to live in for this month.  This has made things so much more comfortable for everyone.  We would be in terrible shape at this point if we did not have our own home to go to on a regular basis.

I was up at seven this morning, Dominica was up about half an hour later.  The new laptop ran through the night last night, but with very poor download speeds.  But a couple of games got downloaded with the full night of the machine being left alone.  I looked at it today and figured out that we are really, really lucky that we made the decision to buy this machine last night because we need the full month to be downloading games or we won’t have them before we leave the country in January!  It takes so long to download the games that we really like that it is a big issue.  Some of the bigger games look like they could take a couple of days to download each!

Francesca came over around nine and brought coffee from Starbucks and bagels from Panera.  She had gone shopping at Target en route to the house.

Our Steam Controller had been delivered to Francesca’s house the other day and she brought it over today.  So we started working on getting that hooked up and working today.  It is pretty cool and works great with Steam Big Picture but it is going to take a lot of work to get it set up for all of our games and a long time to get used to using it as it is so different from a normal controller.

It was a rather chilly morning again.  It is so surprisingly cold here in Texas.  We are both amazing by how cold it is and by how not used to the cold we are.  It can be seventy four in the house and we all feel cold!  Spending so much time in Panama and Nicaragua has really changed how we feel about the outside temperatures.

This afternoon Dominica and Francesca went out shopping on the island and I stayed home with the girls.  We did a little bit of video gaming today – it is hard to resist playing with the new controller and the new laptop.  For the first time in forever we are able to play basically all of our games and they look fantastic.  This is going to be so much fun.  We have really been needing this as a family; we are all such big time gamers and we often skip playing games because it is just too hard or we have lacked a lay to do it.

I played a few minutes of Fable: Anniversary and Dominica decided that it looks pretty awesome and thinks that she is going to play it herself.  Liesl put in a bit of time playing Child of Light this afternoon during a break from school.

Dominica had to leave pretty early to go pick up Emily from school so that they could go out shopping for the cotillion dress again.  Francesca left a little after that.

Our Internet was pretty awful all afternoon, it was barely working at all and the girls were struggling to do their Ooka Island and ABC Mouse work.  We lost power once or twice while Francesca was here too.   Already our Internet and power here are not all that much different from in Nicaragua.

The girls worked on class work for almost two hours.  Then they played together for another hour before Liesl got set up to play Child of Light this evening.  She got stuck in some hard parts and I had to teach her about grinding and skill trees.  That helped her a lot and she really took off on that game.  She is doing a great job and it is not a kid’s game at all.  Very proud of our little gamer girl.

Dominica was heading back from dress shopping with Emily around six thirty and attempted to stop at the Taco Bell in Dickinson to grab her and me dinner and ended up getting stuck on a closed road and rerouted to a place that she did not know and had a long, frustrating drive back to the condo.  One of the difficulties in living in new places all of the time is that we do not know our way around at all so when things happen we have a big penalty for things like closed roads.  Even though we are only thirty minutes from the Grices and the Toccos here we are far enough away that we do not know the roads.