December 3, 2015: Sick Kids

Liesl woke us up this morning coughing badly.  Both Dominica and I got up to check on her.  We got her cough “medicine” and she moved into sleeping in our room.  I was not going to fall back asleep, so I set up in the kitchen and got to work.

Being up so early is nice because I get to work in the quiet for a while and I get to watch the sun come up over the Gulf of Mexico which is one of the delights of living in Galveston on the beach.

My big victory for the day was catching up on SGL which was a bit behind from everything that happened this week.  The new laptop had worked through the night as well and there are a lot of games loaded up on it at this point.  Another few days and it is going to be in pretty decent shape.  It will take all month before it has all of the games that we want, but we are nearly to the point where we have a  good enough selection to be really able to play some things.

Francesca arrived at the condo just before eight.  Dominica didn’t join us for another half of an hour.  Luciana was up around nine thirty.  Liesl did not wake  it up until early in the afternoon!  Liesl really needed her sleep, she has a cold or something and needs her time to heal and get better.  Her cough was not gone when she got up today, but it is a little better than it was.  Luciana is very constipated today.  Her whole day was spent being rather unhappy about that.

Dominica found a centipede in our bathroom today.  Pretty small, but up on the ceiling and a big pain to kill.  Later in the day I found a little baby one in one of the cupboards.  We are not happy about that.  Who knows how many that there might be.

I stayed home with the girls when Dominica and Francesca went to Golden Corral for lunch.  They did bring me back food, which was pretty good and very easy as the GC is right next door.  My dad is going to enjoy that.

One of my projects today was getting my smaller ultrabook, my HP Folio, the one that we bought for travel in 2012, upgraded to Linux Mint 17.2 and set up so that I can go full Window-less.  This is the first that I have moved to Linux as my only desktop in a very long time.  This will be a little bit of an adventure.  But Windows just has not been cutting it and the HP Envy laptop that I have been using is ridiculously large and heavy and not good for travelling so it is heading north to Ohio in a few days.

The girls played Disney Princess games much of the evening.  They got my HP Envy once I was done with it and they played games together for many hours.  The new laptop continued to download games all day long.

I finally got paid today.  This is my first time getting something resembling a paycheck since September.  We have been getting a little bit nervous about that.  Hopefully this means that we will be doing okay going forward.

Dominica and I watched several episodes of “Word Travels” on HuluPlus tonight.  It is a 2008 era show about two travel writers travelling the world and writing.  Not too bad of a show.

Dominica put in a ton of work today trying to figure out our flight and travel plans for our upcoming trip to Europe.  The flights are going to be really complex with this trip.  We are planning on most likely doing a very complex trip from Houston to Athens, Athens to Bucharest and then Bucharest to New York City.  And all of this spread out over six months or more.

I was very exhausted for much of the day having gotten not that much sleep and then having gotten up so incredibly early.  So going to bed early for me this evening.  The laptop is set up to process a huge queue during the night.  There should be many more games loaded up by tomorrow morning.