November 30, 2015: Daddy Daughter Day

Today is Monday, our first weekday in the condo.  Dominica stayed on the mainland last night so it is just the girls and me for the day here at the condo.  We are spending the day just relaxing and hanging out together today.  We are planning on a very quiet day just the three of us.  It has been quite a busy last few days and all of us are very much in need of some down time.

Dominica had to be up very early this morning to get the kids off to school; she had to drive them so had to really be up early.

The girls and I relaxed for a bit today.  We had a lot of fun today and managed to mostly just play all day.  Much of the day the girls begged to get to use my laptop in order to play their bevy of Disney Princess video games on it.  I set them up in our bedroom with the laptop on the luggage rack and they played it in turns for much of the day.  They are really good at those games and they both love them, Luciana especially.

We tried to order in lunch from Kitty’s today but I had forgotten that they were closed on Mondays.  So no luck there.  I tried to talk Luciana into walked to Golden Corral but she said that she did not want to go anywhere.  We finally agreed on getting Dominos delivered.

Since I had a long time with no laptop to work from I checked out some shows on the Amazon Fire TV.  I watched several episodes of the new Muppet Show which was quite good – like a Muppet’s take on the show 30 Rock.  I also started watching Pacific which seems like it will be decently good.

Liesl played several different games today, too.  She explored what there is on the Amazon Fire TV and played Leo’s Fortune, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and some others.

I got both girls to take showers today, which was rather a victory.  But Liesl was just getting out of the shower when Dominica texted and said that she was ready for us to come up and pick her up.

Dominica was not ready for us to pick her up until rather late.  It was after seven.  So I rushed to get the girls ready and we were out the door.  It takes thirty two minutes to get from the condo to the Grices’.

We picked up Dominica and returned to the island.  Before returning to the condo we stopped at Walgreen’s for some supplies as we have just nothing in the condo.

I had tried really hard to keep the condo clean after having worked so hard to get it clean last night but the girls just made a huge mess and it did not resemble the nice, clean place that I had made it last night.