January 14, 2016: Walking for Bread

It is bright and sunny and warm today.  A really gorgeous day.  I got up and posted for a bit, but I had promised Dominica and the girls that I would go for a walk down to the bakery that they like and get them cake.  They had been begging me to do that last night but I was not going to go down in the evening and the weather was not that great. No excuses today, it is really nice out.

It is two villages from our place to the bakery.  It is about four kilometres each way, which is not all that bad on the way there, which is down hill.  So I made great time and was feeling very relaxed as I walked down to the bakery.  I bought lots of cakes, treats and loaves of bread to bring back home with me.

I took a few pictures while I was out walking.  I got a cute one of the German Shepard that lives next door and is always trying to get us.  I caught him off guard with the selfie and he looked calm.  But the instant the picture was done he was trying to tear through the fence again.

Vicious Neighbourhood Dog

The walk back took quite a bit more energy and time than the walk to the bakery.  Carrying the bread and treats, a bottle of water and doing four kilometres up hill slowed me down quite a bit.  The sun was actually pretty low by the time that I made it back to the house.

Greek Bakery

The bulk of the “day” was spent out on my walk.  But it felt good.  It was probably two hours of walking or more.  Plenty of work to do once I was back home.

We ate a lot of bread and cakes today.  Other than my walk it was a quiet day at the Miller house.