January 23, 2016: Another Jet Lag Fueled Insomnia Day

I had insomnia last night and so my morning started around seven with what might actually have been zero sleep.  I went to my desk and posted for a while. Luciana was up early, around eight, but went back to bed.  Liesl was up around nine and Dominica a bit later like ten or eleven.

I did a ton of responding to the thousands of messages that I have had backlogged on Spiceworks for years and I managed to get caught up on SGL posting today as well.  And MangoLassi was rather active early this morning, too.

Liesl played The Sims 3 as soon as she got up.  I waited until the girls were done playing games and the room was available before moving in and trying my hand at playing the classic physics three dimensional puzzle masterpiece Portal which my dad likes to play as well.  There are nineteen levels in the original Portal and I managed to get up to halfway through the sixteenth one on my first sitting.  But by that point I was pretty tired, having played for over an hour and a half, and needed to put it down and go take a nap as I was falling asleep while I was playing.

I went up around two and laid down in the bed and slept until around six.  Four hours was perfect and I felt just fine.  Dominica was making dinner when I got up.  A Greek dish made from giant local beans.

All three of the girls spent the bulk of the evening playing The Sims 3.  The Steam system was engaged for at least seven continuous hours just for that!  This somewhat forced me to stay busy at my desk getting caught up on things, but I had been hoping to get a chance to return to playing Portal sometime this evening.  And I am just about ready to beat Quell as well.

Dominica wrapped up her gaming before two in the morning so that I could get in at least a little bit of time gaming before going to bed.

The girls are sleeping in our room, again.  They have been there for over a week now, I think.  Tonight Liesl insisted that she sleep on the floor so that I could have the bed.  All four of us do not fit in the bed together, so someone always has to have the floor.  Luciana will threaten to go sleep on her own in the loft if forced to have the floor and that makes Liesl sad as she wants everyone to be together.  So she and I have been taking turns on the floor.  She knows that my back has been bothering me for days and said that I should be in the bed tonight.