January 22, 2016: Liesl Loves School

I slept in late this morning, until noon.  Sleeping on the floor worked out just fine, it did not bother me at all even though it is a solid floor and no carpeting and I was only on a thin blanket.  Amazingly sleeping on rock hard surfaces still does not bother me even after all of these years.

Liesl was starting school when I got up.  She and Dominica had been up playing The Sims 3 for a little while before I had gotten up.  Luciana played The Sims 3 a little bit before coming up to my office to sit with me and watch her school videos from Leap Frog.

Liesl said today that she loves her new, long school day format.  She is doing so much better in school now and has a great attitude even though she is starting earlier and doing so much more of it.  We are thrilled as she is moving so much faster and covering so much stuff.  Today she did a ton of studying Greek mythology, especially stuff around the Minoans and Knossos.

I had a very busy day of posting and working on open source projects, but it was productive and good.

Tonight Dominica made fake meatloaf from the local beans.  It was delicious.  Liesl really liked it, too.  We tend to eat dinner around nine at night these days.  And it often feels like lunch time.

It is Friday night and after getting the kids off to bed Dominica played The Sims 3 for a while (we have over one hundred hours logged on that game as a family now, and I have never played it myself in any form whatsoever; and those hours do not count the far greater time that Dominica put into The Sims and The Sims 2 over the years!)  Then when she went up to bed I played some video games and then tried to go to bed.

Dominica and I were both still awake around five.  She had the bed with the two girls, I was on the floor, again.  She fell asleep sometime between five and six.  I think that I got half an hour of sleep, or so, but maybe not even that much.  By ten till seven I had gotten almost no sleep but just was not tired or ready to be in bed so got myself up.