February 1, 2016: Thus Begins Month Two in Greece

Monday morning, it is bright and sunny and nearly seventy degrees here on Crete.  We cannot believe at all that our first month in Greece is already over.  How did this happen?  Where did the time go?  It feels like we just got here.

Dominica is nominally better today, but only just.  She is still not walking anywhere and not going to be for quite some time.  She is not needing help so much to get around the main floor of the house, now.

Opened up the house and got light and air in today.  So nice to be able to open the back door and be wide open to the outside.

I worked all day, lots to do.  Dominica was in the game room most of the day.  The Sims Medieval has been the mainstay the last few days.  I barely get time to do anything as she is unable to move around to do anything other than living in the game room.