February 3, 2016: Goat Simulator with Luciana

Wednesday.  Dominica is improving, but the improvements are ridiculously tiny, day by day.  You can barely tell.  I think, in many ways, it is more that she is getting used to dealing with the pain rather than it actually getting any better.

Today Luciana made me play Goat Simulator with her.  She loves this game on its own but mostly she had decided that she loves playing it with me.  So she makes me go in the game room and she sits on my lap and we play two player on it.  There is nothing to really do in it, so it is all just running around and being goofy.  It really is just about the perfect game for a four year old.  You get to do ridiculous things, there is a ton to just run around and see and there is no way to die or fail so you get to just keep playing and being silly.  She has so much fun.

Was very busy this morning installing Windows systems for lab testing.

Dominica was able to do school today with the girls.  That was a long day for her and her ankle is really hurting after that.  She played some more Sims Medieval once school was done for the day.