February 7, 2016: Back to Blue Toad

I am starting to get SGL caught back up.  It is Saturday and we continue to be house-bound.  Dominica has not managed to go anywhere outside of the house since she hurt her ankle and is at least able to get up and down the stairs now, and is starting to improve, but not enough to venture out.

Mostly a quiet day.  The kids and Dominica played games, I wrote.  We just stayed home.

Only ended up buying two more games from Steam today: Lume and Lumino City.

Tonight the family all hunkered into the game room and Dominica and I played episode four of the Blue Toad Murder Files.  We did a bit better on episode four than we did on episode three, but we are still not very good at it.  Still a great game and we are way more into the story, now.

After that, I started playing Highrise Heroes and after not too long Dominica came in and joined me.  We ended up having a lot of fun playing it.  It’s a word puzzle game mixed with a ridiculously weird story that goes along with it.