February 22, 2016: Last Major Grocery Run

It is Monday and everyone is a bit tired after the weekend.  Luciana is feeling just fine today, no signs of being sick at all.  We are very happy about that.  Nothing serious, just a simple infection.  And she has the right medicine now.

I got up and posted and wrote for a while, then we were off as a family to go grocery shopping.  We have pretty much run out of foodstuffs at home and our extended (non-staple) foods are pretty much depleted.  So this was our big grocery run and possibly our last big one while in Greece (it is amazing how quickly we get to the point that we have to start pulling back on food in the house!)

We started with a stop to the pharmacy where we needed to get more of the antibiotic for Luciana.  We had only gotten one bottle of it when I was there on Saturday but we need three.  So we made a quick and easy stop there.

We stopped at our favourite bakery heading down the hill and picked up some bread and profiterole.

Then we went down to the Lidl at the big intersection north of our village sitting just north of the highway.  We did our big shopping there as they have great prices and many of the products that we want, like Dominica’s favourite muesli.  We did a bunch of shopping there.

On the way back to the village we stopped at the fourth grocery that we use and grabbed the peanut butter that the girls like (or at least the one that they put up with) as that is the only place that regularly stocks it. Then it was back home for us.

A rather long outing of grocery shopping, but successful and we will not likely be doing anything like that for the rest of the time that we are in Greece.  It will be all small things from here on out, we need to make sure that the fridge and pantry are cleaned out before it is time for us to move on to Romania in six or seven weeks.