February 21, 2016: A Relaxing Day in the Game Room

Luciana is “all better” today.  No signs of fever at all since before the hospital on Friday night.  She is perky and happy and just wanted to spend today playing.

Liesl played Castaway Paradise for a bit this morning.  She continues to love the game.  She can lose hours with that game.

Dominica and I did a little looking for games online today.  We spent some time talking about how we could use video game design as part of the girls’ homeschool curriculum and I was taking her through video game studio products available via Steam like RPGMaker.  She was very excited about what tools were available so we looked through lots of products and then tons of games that were commercially made with RPGMaker.

Once we had the video game room to ourselves, Dominica and I took some time this afternoon to play Highrise Heroes together.  We played a lot and are down into the last sixteen levels or so!  We are really enjoying that game but we have run into a few levels that are insanely difficult.  We had a few that took a few tries and we are currently stuck on one that we cannot get through at all.  The jump in difficulty in being able to even progress to the next level is dramatic and doesn’t fit well with the initial feeling of the game.

Luciana insisted in playing a game for a little while.  So we played some Goat Simulator.  It is amazing how good she has gotten at that game.  She is very adept at playing it and has figured out some cool tricks that I never thought of.  The roller coaster throws you out so you can’t ride it, for example, but she figured out that if you lick it you get to ride it while being thrown out and flying in the air by your tongue.  It is hilarious.

Once she was done playing Dominica played Millenium which is an RPGMaker game from a moderate sized game developer so that she could see the kinds of things that can be made with the tool sets.  We snuggled on one of the beds in the game room, the only seating that we have, and played that for probably two hours until we were getting pretty sleepy.  Then we played Secrets of a Lost Planet for a while which started off like it might be okay but quickly devolved into total nonsense and appears that about five minutes into development the writer(s) must have walked out and left everyone unsure what to do so they just took stock hidden object images that they had available and stuck them wherever they fit in a sci-fi adventure game.  It’s nuts.

By the end of the day we had spent nearly the entire day in the game room.  It was a nice change.  Relaxing and a chance to actually do something fun.