February 25, 2016: Forty

Well, it happened, I finally turned forty.  Hard to believe.  Well, not really.  The reality is that I have been feeling like I was in my forties for at least the last four years if not longer.  So the fact that I am now actually forty does not really seem all that weird.  Not weird at all, to be honest.

The thing that is probably strangest to me is that I remember my dad turning forty. I might have memories of my parents’ birthdays prior to that one, but none stand out in my mind.  But my dad turning forty felt like it was a big event.  And if I was old enough to remember that and am now at that age myself… that is the biggest thing that “feels odd” about being this age.  I am now, for the first time, at an age that seemed like a big deal for my dad to be turning this age.  And that, of course, was thirty years ago this coming June.  Of the time that I was a child, at home with my parents, the majority of it was spent with my dad being in his thirties!  I am already past that age.  Of course, for me, the majority of the time with my children will be in my forties, but the significance is not lost on me.

I had originally thought that I would have a mostly relaxing day today, but it turned out that there was some pressing projects that had my name on them so I ended up actually having a rather busy day until late evening and got very little time to relax.

Liesl made sure that I had a Swiss cake roll available, my favourite kind with vanilla filling, to have as my birthday cake.  She is very thoughtful.  We did not end up eating it, though.  I was never in the mood for any cake.

Mostly my birthday passed with little mention, as it normally does.  I got hundreds of happy birthdays on Facebook and such, but as I don’t go in for any kind of celebration, it is all but unnoticed here.  Dominica had wanted to go out and do something for my birthday, but the day was long and there was not a good time do to it tonight.  So we decided to do it tomorrow night.  Today is Thursday, anyway, not a great night for going out to dinner.