February 27, 2016: Quiet Weekend Day

I was up at nine this morning and Dominica just after ten.  I think that our schedules are improving.  Liesl had asked Dominica to get her up and not let her sleep in today, too, because she did not want to miss too much of the day by oversleeping because she has a tendency to sleep through her weekends and be sad that they are then gone.

The weather is nice today, again, sunny and breezy.  Other than some big wind storms at night a couple of times we have been under great weather for a couple of weeks straight now.

Liesl has really figured out the Castaway Paradise and is dedicated to playing it at least a little every day.  She made level fourteen today and opened the last arch to the last part of the game that she has been walled off from.  Her last major gateway to break through is the “VIP” gateway at level fifteen.  She is very excited to get to that point.

Tonight Dominica and I played Highrise Heroes for a while, we were hopeful that we were going to be able to make a run on finishing the game but found that the levels at this point are way too hard and we cannot complete it tonight, we had to call it a night with four levels left.  It was exhausting and we had to do many of the levels that we had over again.  We had gotten stuck around level fifteen the other night because we simply could not complete the time challenge.  But tonight I played it alone for a while and figured out that we could eliminate the time challenge to make the levels easier (but capping our score.)  So we did that and it let us move forward, while still being super difficult.

After that we started playing The League of Supreme Patriots tonight which is a well made, very off the beaten path point and click adventure game.  It took us a while to figure out the puzzle system and the girls insisted on controlling the game themselves which did nothing to speed things up, and pretty soon Dominica had fallen asleep anyway, but we had a good time playing it and look forward to the season.

Nothing fancy today.  My week, which I had originally thought was likely to be on the slow side, had turned out to be overly busy and I needed some time to just have downtime today.  Which I did, and it was nice.