March 16, 2016: Luciana’s Hospital Checkup

We tried on Monday and failed to make it here because everything was closed.  We had to give up on yesterday because of appointments that took up much of the day.  So today, on Wednesday, finally we were able to get everyone up and out of bed, dressed, ready and out the door at one and into the car and down the hill to the Rethymno General Hospital to finally get Luciana in for her UTI checkup that we have been needing to do for a while.

We parked at the hospital and went in and had a little wait as there were a lot of kids in to see the doctor today.  Not that the wait was more than fifteen minutes, but it was not instant either (or course, it was only a checkup and not even a sickness, let alone an emergency.)  We got to talking to some of the people in the waiting room and it turns out that the one woman who was there with her son was the niece of the couple that own the corner store by our house and she used to live in Prines.

Luciana took a test while we were there today and while we were waiting for the lab we returned to the pizza place that we like by the hospital to get a pizza and some French fries.  We go the vegetarian for Dominica, Liesl and me and two slices of plain cheese for Luciana.  We were all very happy to get a chance to eat there again.

They found high white blood cell counts in the lab work.  So they are a bit concerned, but she has no fever or symptoms of a continuing problem.  They sent us up to the paediatric ward to do another test and try things again.  They were worried that the first test might be wrong, it was so dramatic.

While we waited this time, as we had already eaten, we just sat in the car.  Everyone had their Kindle or Kindle Fires with them so we all just read, played games or whatever.  It was a decently nice day so no reason to not just sit out in the car and relax.

Liesl measures up at 122cm while waiting for Luciana’s check up to be completed.

This time the test showed that the first test was, indeed, an anomaly and while there were a few white blood cells there were very few.  In theory there should be none (but a future doctor would explain that some people have a continuous baseline like this and it does not indicate anything.)  So they are still wanting to look into the situation but with these low readings and no fever they have no actual concern.  They want us to return tomorrow when the lab will have had more time to look at the tests and to consult with a second doctor when we are around.

We went back home.  As we went through Atsipopulous we stopped at a little book store that the girls had seen as we went down the hill and did some shopping.  The girls each found some little toys that they wanted so we treated them to that since they had spent the entire day doing boring hospital and doctor stuff.  Then Dominica and I went across the street to a coffee shop called Memento and got some cappuccinos.  This is our first time getting coffee from a cafe near our home, why didn’t we find this sooner!!  Coffee is so cheap here, two double cappuccinos are just three Euro and they give you a bottle of water with each coffee as well!

It was decently late by the time that we got back up to Prines.  Our whole day was spent dealing with medical stuff.  It was dark by the time that we got home.