March 17, 2016: Another Antibiotic Cycle

We had to get up today and return to the hospital in Rethymno for another check up for Luciana. On the way we stopped quickly in Atsipopoulo to go to Memento to grab some quick coffees for the day.  We are loving that we found this place.

We got back there and today, for the first time, we were told that we could not park in the hospital parking lot.  Who knows why, it is all quite confusing.  But we discovered a parking lot that you can pay for right across the road and it is only two Euros fifty for the first hour there, which is not very bad.  And it is much easier to park there than at the hospital and the lot of monitored so we liked that.

We got down to the paediatric emergency room and when the nurse saw our paperwork they ushered us straight in (because it was a super fast, non-exam visit just to check paperwork and medicines) bypassing the people that were already waiting which very obviously annoyed people who were in the waiting room.  I do not know what they were saying but it did not take much at all to guess what it was from the looks and gestures and they talked agitatedly to each other.

The second doctor, the one that was on call today, pretty much just read the results from yesterday, called down to the lab to get the latest updates and decided the same thing as the doctor yesterday, that antibiotics would be needed again just to be safe and that we would try a different one than Luciana had tried before.

They are putting her onto antibiotics again, but there is nothing to do but start the medicine tonight and have her return for more detailed lab analysis tomorrow on our way out of town.

We left the hospital and drove up the hill stopped at our pharmacy on the way home to pick up the new antibiotic.  They wanted to try a different type than the last one to see if the different medicine choice would make a difference.  Only eight to ten Euros for this antibiotic, too.  And, we should point out, we have not paid another penny after the original seven Euros that we paid almost a month ago the first time that we went to the emergency room in Rethymno.

Tonight is an attempt to get everyone off to bed early.  It is super cold tonight and we were so cold that Dominica and I decided to actually attempt making a fire in the fireplace so warm the place up.  We went out back and found some wood that was stored there.  There were not any matches or anything so down to the store I went to buy a lighter and some basics.  While I was gone Dominica got to work on a tuna noodle casserole for our dinner.

The fire never got going much and the chimney is designed in such a way that a bit of smoke does not make it out which was making our eyes sting a little, so we gave up on that.  Dinner was good, we love tuna noodle casserole, and we spent some time watching travel shows on YouTube.

During the day today I did a bit of performance testing of different cloud providers and ended up doing a lot of work through the night getting some NodeBB forums migrated over from Rackspace to Linode which went really well, but kept me super busy until after five in the morning!  Tomorrow is going to be tough.  Dominica went to bed about six hours before I did, but was up until just thirty minutes or so before I fell asleep as her stomach was bothering her all night.  So both of us are going to be seriously hurting tomorrow.

I have been sleeping in the girls’ room all week.  They whine and complain if I am not sleeping with them, wherever they are, and Dominica has been going to bed so many hours before them and they go to bed an hour or two before I do that she doesn’t care because she is long asleep, normally, before I even think of heading to bed.

We are figuring out more and more than it is very important that we rent homes with a king bed and worry a lot less about having lots of bedrooms.  In this house, which sleeps eight to ten, we have the largest bedroom converted to a gaming room and the neat loft that we were sure that the girls were always going to use being all but abandoned and everyone either piles into Dominica and my room and either cram into the one queen bed, which is just too small (Luciana gets crushed and I get pushed out of the bed) or someone sleeps on the floor next to everyone else; or else we sleep very near each other with the girls’ play area in their huge bedroom being converted to a sleeping area so that they can be as close to us in our room as possible (which is very close, only a few feet away from each other.)  So what would be much more important for us in the future is having a big king bed that is big enough to accommodate all of us at once as nearly all of the time that is how we are going to sleep anyway.  It’s getting silly to keep up the pretence that we are going to realistically have the kids in their own room very often – our kids are just not “sleep in their own room” kids.