April 11, 2016: Returning to Baita from Baia Mare

We got up around eight and had to get everyone moving so that we could make it to breakfast as the girls always take forever to get moving in the morning.  We made it down around nine thirty and just sat inside at the cafe because it was a little damp and chilly to be outside as it rained last night and it is still in a bit of a drizzly state.

We had a very nice breakfast, I really like all of the food at the Hotel Diafan.  We have really enjoyed our stay here.

We returned to the room and got everything packed up, checked out and loaded up the car.  The hotel let us keep the car in their locked parking lot for a while so that we could take a little bit of time to see the square.

I took the family over to the biserica square just off of the square that we were staying on so that they could see the awesome archaeological display that I had discovered last night while I was out on my walk.  It was a very small thing to do this morning but a good use of the time before we had to get in the car and get moving.  And it gave the girls a little bit of time to run around and expend some energy before needing to sit in the car for several hours.  Dominica enjoyed the small exhibit and agreed that it was all very well done.

We returned to the main square and grabbed some treats from Millennium Chocolate for the girls to have with their motion sickness medicine.  Then we let them play for half an hour at least just running around on the pedestrian square as it was mostly empty of people.  Hopefully they will manage to get some sleep in the car as it is at least three hours back to Baita.

It was closer to one when we got into the Ford Focus and worked our way out of Baia Mare, which involved a little bit of getting turned around as always, and hit the road back south.

We had overcast skies but little to no rain on the drive.  It was nice to get to see everything in daylight that we went through in the darkness a few nights ago.

The drive was not bad and was not as long as going from Dallas to Houston.  So for Americans, a short drive.

Around four we got back to our village of Baita.  It was a long weekend away so I was set up right away and busy at writing and posting.  It remained cooler and very overcast all day and since almost no one saw us drive into town no kids came over today.  We had the afternoon to ourselves.

I went over to the farm next door in the evening to buy a fresh supply of milk.  This is my first time venturing out to get milk on my own.  The language gap there is very large and is always a big challenge.  But I successfully got two litres of milk.

We had a quiet evening with me spending most of my time trying to catch up from having been away for part of the weekend.