April 29, 2016: Recovery Day

We all slept in until around noon today, boy were we ever tired.  Yesterday was such a long day.  We are glad that we did it, though.  We pushed through and got the driving done and now we are home and not spending money on hotels and going out to eat and we can just relax with no major agendas wearing us down.  Fifteen days of continuous travel like that is tiring.

It is very cold in Baita today.  It was just four degrees when we arrived last night and not all that much warmer today.   The sun was out a little this morning but disappeared soon and all afternoon it was heavy clouds and then a light rain late in the afternoon.

Dominica did one load of laundry today but it was unable to try with how humid and cold it was and she ended up having to bring it in to the kitchen to attempt to dry it.  We actually had to turn the heat on today, it is so cold.  So cold at the very end of April!  It is hard to believe that it gets this cold here while the coast is so warm that you want to be in shorts.  It is a long way away, but it feels like it is all so connected.

Everyone was pretty worn out today.  Dominica put in a bit of time cleaning the house this morning and then camped out in the kitchen slash living room area watching shows on her laptop.  Liesl and Luciana played with some toys, played some video games, had a couple kids stop by for about an hour to play with Legos and then Luciana went into the girls’ bedroom to watch videos and fell asleep like that and napped the evening away.  Liesl set up on our bed in our bedroom with her Kindle Fire and her headphones and watched YouTube all afternoon and evening.  They are very happy to be home.

We really did almost nothing today, we just did not have the energy for it.  We needed to get caught up after the past two weeks.