May 11, 2016: Prepping the NTG Lab

Wednesday and the rain continues.  So much rain here in Transylvania!  Today and tomorrow the big tasks are getting the NTG Lab ready to be broken down, boxed up and ready to ship off to California.  We have all of the gear that I normally use heading out west to the brand new Tier IV Colocation America facility that is being set up in Los Angeles.  A full rack is being dedicated for the server gear.

We had to trim things down for the move and only eleven of the servers are going to be going.  A lot of the older stuff is going to be left behind.  If we had more time to get things ready or if I was local to work on stuff maybe we could have gotten one or two more ready but as it was, getting eleven ready was pretty much a miracle.  There are SAN, NAS and other gear going out in addition to the servers themselves and, of course, all kinds of networking gear including three 10GigE switches!  It is an exciting move.  It is a ton of capacity that is bring brought online all at once and the setup in Los Angeles is going to be really sweet.

Today was pretty slow and my evening call got cancelled at the last minute. So between prepping the lab, having kids descend on the house again and working on writing there wasn’t a lot of free time.