May 10, 2016: A Street Full of Cows

It is Tuesday.  Today was a light rain day, we got a bit of a break after nearly a week of rain that has been coming down.  Everything is saturated with water and the grass is getting really high.

We had kids over again today, but not so crazy as yesterday.  That was really nuts.  We are working hard on getting Liesl’s school schedule shifted forward so that she can get most of her work done before kids show up and interrupt her but it is hard because she likes to sleep in and get started late and we never know when people might plan to arrive or how many will come or how long that they will stay!

Today we saw tons of cows coming down main street in Baita.  It took me by surprise. I thought that I heard something outside and went into the parlour and found a whole herd of cattle just coming down main street.  Some would stop in the front to eat some of our grass.  There is plenty of it for them.  The street is covered in manure now.