May 4, 2016: Starting Computer Class

Another drizzly, dark day in Transylvania.  This is so much more how I pictured central Romania in the spring than what we had been seeing before.  This is great weather.  Quiet and peaceful and the sun is not wearing us down.

I slept in more than I was expecting this morning.  I must have been tired or my body is busy dealing with my sun burn, perhaps.

It was a busy day, Liesl and Luciana both did a lot of school today and that took up a lot of their time.  This afternoon Liesl agreed to start her Computer Class with me.  We started by watching Bits & Bytes from 1983.  Luciana decided to watch it with us.  Luciana is the age that Liesl was the first time that she saw it, but she does not remember having watched it with me when we were last living in Peekskill.  Both girls enjoyed it, but we only did one episode today.

This evening Dominica made dinner again, we are really just about out of food in the house now, and we all watched Full House for a while.  Then Liesl wanted to play The Sims 3 around ten so she played that, Luciana watched her and Dominica went to bed.  I stayed up working until quite late.

Our plan is to actually get up and go to the grocery store first thing in the morning.  We’ve been saying that for several days so we will see if we actually do it, or not.