May 6, 2016: Computer Class Marathon

It is Friday and our storm from yesterday has continued into today.  We had a little sun in the morning but the rain and thunder rolled in fairly quickly and we had a chilly, rainy day all day long.  We did lose power but for less than five minutes today and we had only a trivial Internet disruption.

This morning Liesl was doing school and then decided to do computer class, which is watching the amazing Canadian show from 1983 Bits & Bytes, with me.  We started with one episode but Liesl was so enamoured with the series and so into it that we ended up watching eight episodes together today!  This is where taking a page from the unschooling book worked out and since Liesl was showing an interest in learning about computers today, that’s what we did.  She loves this series and seems to be learning a lot about computer basics.

I had a busy afternoon created from spending so much time with the girls doing school today.  Lots to catch up on.

Everyone did their own thing this evening.  I stayed at the computer worked until very late.  Luciana fell asleep early.  Liesl and Dominica stayed up for quite a while watching shows on their own.

We are staying in the village this weekend, no trips or plans for us.