May 7, 2016: Finishing Bits and Bytes

We had another day of rain today.  Thankfully, this time there was no loss of power or Internet all day.  There was no storm, just a steady rain for the most of the day.  There does not appear to be any shortage of water in this part of the world.  Even when we had been here with warm weather and no sign of rain for some time things were lush and green and the water was always flowing.  Now things are downright wet.

It is Saturday today and we are taking the day as one to relax.  Dominica spent most of the day reading.  Liesl and Luciana spent most of the day watching videos or playing video games.  I discovered a few new YouTube shows that I really like, one on science and one on being British, and watched a bit of both of those.

In the late afternoon the sun finally came out, but it was a little chilly and wet and the village kids were not out playing so the girls stayed home all day.

This evening with dinner we started watched Full House and managed to make it for a few episodes.  We are getting close to wrapping up the first season now, I think.

The girls really wanted to bake a cake and talked Dominica and me into letting them do that late in the evening.  So we all went out to the kitchen and made a cake Texas Sheet Cake, but it would be too hot to eat tonight and would have to sit until the morning.

After that the girls and I watched Bits & Bytes which Luciana had been asking to watch all day.  We have only two episodes left of the entire series!  So we watched those and finished it up tonight.

After watching the show, the girls played for just a little bit until it was midnight.  Then they ran out and wished their mother a happy mother’s day and set about working on Mother’s Day cards for her.  I tried to go to bed at this point, I was feeling tired.  But, as always, I never get to actually go to bed until everyone else in the house is asleep.  The lights never got shut off, people never stopped talking and I was constantly called from bed to kill a bug, fetch something from the car, get water, or whatever.  By the time that I actually was allowed to go to bed, it was two in the morning!