May 31, 2016: Finally Back to Baita

We started the morning on the train from Bucharest.  We had to be up a little after five to be ready for our arrival in Beclean around six.  For the last twenty or thirty minutes of the trip we could recognize everything out of the window because the train followed our normal driving road into Beclean which we have done several times.  For the hour before that everything looked familiar as we went through the area that we know well near where we have been living.

We got off of the train at six in the morning.  We were honestly pretty nervous to find out if our car would still be waiting for us or not.  Ten days is a LONG time to leave your car for the first time at a train station in a place where you have no way to be contacted and know of no one to check on it.  We were quite quick to go look to see if the car was there, and it was.  It was completely covered in bird poo, but it was there.

We loaded up and got under way to drive back home.  We were excited to be getting home after so long away.  Being continuously away from home does wear on you a bit.

On the drive home we all decided that we were hungry and that we would attempt a stop at a pensiune of which we knew that was located just before we would get back to Baita at the south side of the plateau that we have to drive up.  We have looked at it a few times and wondered who goes there and what it is like, so this was a perfect time to see if they could do breakfast.

We arrived at the pensiune at seven and while we were the only people there, they were able to do breakfast!  We ate breakfast and were off to our house.  Great to be home, time to relax.

Today was a very quiet day for us.  All of us were ready to crash and Dominica and the girls ended up napping and sleeping for much of the day.  I managed to stay up and work on attempting to do some catch up from the time away but, in the end, was off to bed pretty early myself.