August 14, 2016: Seeing Watson’s New House

It is just a short weekend for me in Dallas.  Heading off to Houston again tonight.  I only got Friday and Saturday as full days here.  I am thinking that the family needs to stay here next  week when we head north back to New York.  It cuts the drive a bit and the girls have been anxious to see the house again after all of these years and Rachel and Dominica want to get to hang out.

I packed up this morning and loaded up the car before anyone was even awake.  Then we were free to hang out until I needed to leave.  Chris came over and stayed for an hour or so.  He has a busy weekend so didn’t have much time to hang out.

I went up to Brian Watson’s new house in Little Elm, north of The Colony, early this afternoon.  He bought the house about six months ago so hasn’t had a chance to show it off yet.  It’s brand new, built for him in a new development up there.  We probably hung out for about an hour.  Great house, really nice and modern and comfortable.  Makes me a bit jealous, but I love the old styling of our Brady Bunch era house.

It was easily five when I got back to Carrollton.  Was only there for an hour or so, said goodbye and got back on the road for the drive down to Houston.  It was great getting to see everyone and nice seeing the house and getting to hang out.  We all really miss being in Dallas.  We have more friends there than anywhere else and we really like our house there.  Nice to know that it is still standing.

I got back to Houston pretty late at night.