August 13, 2016: Dungeons and Dragons Again

Today I am going to be running the Dungeons and Dragons game at the house, another “haven’t done that in three years” thing.  Everyone slept in late this morning.  I’m getting very good sleep in Liesl’s old room, the bed there is small but comfortable.

We did some running around today to pick up supplies and get ready for the D&D game today.  Our first matter of business, though, was lunch and we all drove up to Plano in the Spark to go to Rockfish which I have been craving for years.  They are one of my favourite places to eat and I have not gotten to eat there in, you guessed it, three years.  I could not wait to get back and have their volcano shrimp and Santa Fe fish tacos.  Everyone really liked it.

Rachel at Rockfish Plano

Rachel made a grocery run while Shawn and I made a liquor run.  It’s not easy to get liquor in Carrollton as it is a semi-dry town.  So we always have to drive to The Colony.  I forgot what a pain that was living here.

The D&D game officially started around six, which was much later than I thought that we were going to be starting, but only Will arrived around six and everyone else started straggling in much later, like closer to eight with some not arriving till around midnight!  It did not work out so well for getting things started.  Will had left to go home before Mike had even arrived.

We did manage to play, about thirty minutes, right at the end and people were just starting to get into it and then nearly everyone had to go.  Not much of a game.  Rachel said that I did an awesome job for the little bit that we got to play.  But it was a day of prep for a thirty minute game and no idea when people will be able to get together again, so probably did not make any sense to do at all.