August 8, 2016: New Baby

Our first day in Texas since December.  It feels so much like we were just here, but it was way more than half a year ago.  We left just after Christmas and we have been all over the world since then.  Like a dozen countries.  Such an odd feeling.

Dominica and I were both awake pretty early this morning.  Britt did not go to the hospital last night, but was ready to go pretty much first thing this morning.  I was barely set up in the bedroom with a desk and my new laptop (which is so awesome) before Joe and Britt came by to drop off the dogs on their way to the hospital.  This is the first that we have seen them since being pregnant any amount, we last saw them at Christmas, of course, when they announced it.

While they were there at the house, Joe stepped on my foot on accident and broke my big toe nail, bending it backwards in the middle and it bled quite a bit.  That hurt some.

Francesca bought Minecraft: Storymode Episode One on the Playstation Three, this morning, and the kids played that much of the day. Garrett played it through and the three little girls watched him play.  After he completed it, Liesl played through the game two more times on her own.  She apparently really likes it.

Dominica and Francesca went to a local park and drove around catching Pokemon most of the day.  I stayed home and watched the kids.  With the laptop set up in the bedroom, it is not too bad.  I am able to be productive as long as they are being good.  Although the dogs got out of control a bit today, I had to clean up after them a few times.  We even had an escapee, Indy got out under the fence in the back but Garrett found him out front and brought him in.

The four littles had a lot of fun playing together all day.  They were nuts.

Dominica and Francesca came home and made dinner.  We had taco salads.

Right after dinner, Dominica, Francesca and Bennie went to the hospital as things had not continued to move and the decision was made to do a C-section.  So they got there just in time to see the new baby, Colton Tocco, right as he was born.  Emily and I stayed home to watch the kids.  I told the little cousins that they had a new baby cousin and they exploded with excitement and marched all over the house for at least an hour.  It was absolute mayhem.

The adults could not spend any time at the hospital, once Colton was born everyone was ushered out and sent home. Nothing to do there.  So they were back home very quickly and we more or less managed to get all of the kids off to bed at eleven.  We are all feeling pretty tired today.