August 9, 2016: Getting Word Done in Houston

It is Tuesday in Houston.  Last night we discovered the hedgehog running around the house and Dominica managed to capture it and get it back into its cage.  This morning we found out that this is a normal hedgehog activity around here and that they let it run around at night and just catch it again in the morning.  Hedgehogs are weird.  That explains why the hedgehog was not too happy with us capturing it at night.

I spent the day locked away in the back room writing, as usual.  I am pretty happy with the setup, though.  I am able to get a lot of work done and I don’t feel like I am in the way or being interrupted all of the time. And the new laptop is still kicking all kinds of butt.  This is the best laptop or desktop setup that I have ever had.  Ubuntu Linux on this powerhouse of a machine and using my Christmas Logitech mouse that Liesl got for me as a present is all working out very well.

The kids played together all day long.  They had so much fun that they totally missed that they had access to the second episode of Minecraft: Story Mode.  They did not play it at all today, even after Liesl had played through the first episode three times yesterday.

I watched the kids for much of the day, again.  There were trips to the hospital to see Colton and many trips out for Pokemon Go driving.  And Francesca had a meeting at work that went until very late so dinner was not until around nine thirty.