July 23, 201: Stranger Things and Jurassic Park

It’s the weekend.  Today Dominica and I started working our way through the new Netflix miniseries Stranger Things.  It is a bit on the scary side so we were not able to watch very much of it as we were only able to watch it at times when the kids were otherwise engages in the other room, which they were for a few hours but only a few.

This afternoon Luciana and Dominica’s dad joined us and we watched a “not very good” Jurassic Park marathon of The Lost World: Jurassic Park 2 and Jurassic Park 3.  None of them are very good, but none of us have watched them in many, many years.  Possibly not since they were originally released in something like 1997 and 2003.    While not very good, they were not that bad being a bit nostalgic and Luciana seemed to enjoy them.  They are not nearly as scary or intense as the original movie nor the recent fourth entry in the series, which she mostly slept through last summer when we watched it at the drive in in Perry with my dad.  Dominica’s dad even made popcorn for the occasion.

It was a pretty relaxing Saturday and we called it an early day when it was all done.