July 25, 2016: The Walking Dead

Monday.  We are still in Frankfort today.  Thankfully out in Rochester there is rain coming down today which is very much needed.  It has been a drought there all season and there is good rain coming today.

I got a bit of a restful day of writing today as SW had their email service down all day so almost no conversations were going on.

We’ve been watching the Jurassic Park series this weekend.  Tonight we rewatched Jurassic World with the kids.  This is our first time seeing it without the girls freaking out at the drive in.  It was a bit better watching it this year.  The girls handled it much better, too.

Tonight I decided to try watching The Walking Dead on Netflix which Dominica has seen but I have not.  I love the TellTale video game and thought that it would be worth giving it a try.  So far, it’s weak.  It looks like it is just cheap and not very interesting it.  But giving it a try.