June 13, 2016: Packing Begins

And thus begins our last week in Romania.  Today the hard core packing begins.  We leave Transylvania in two days to stage ourselves in the capital to get ready for our flight to Istanbul and on to New York.  There is always so much to do right at the end.  So many things that we wish that we could have done while we were still in a place.  And so much not wanting to leave, yet.

I worked most of the day.  I want to get as much writing and posting done today and tomorrow before we begin our travelling so that I am not getting behind.

Dominica got a lot of packing done today, but there is still plenty to do tomorrow.  Packing to leave is actually much easier than packing to go because we have to collect absolutely everything.  But there is much cleaning to be done, as well.

We ate the marshmallow sandwiches that we got from Turda today.

Mallow Sandwich in Transylvania
Mallow Sandwich in Transylvania