June 14, 2016: Final Packing

Today is the last day for the packing.  We head out tomorrow.  So much to do.  Writing, posting, packing, cleaning.  The girls want to play with their friends and see the dogs before we leave. So busy, and so tired.  We have loved our time in the village of Baita and are really looking forward to coming back here again.  We hope that we can be here, maybe even in the same house again, in the spring of 2017.  This has been such a good experience for the whole family.  The girls have been just so happy here.

After today Dominica is very exhausted.  Packing falls almost entirely to her, this is her biggest work load at any given time in our travel cycles.  I am terrible with both packing and planning, so she really gets a work out on these prep days.

Our plan is to leave tomorrow and drive to Brasov in the Carpathian Mountains, spent the night tomorrow night and then drive on to Bucharest first thing on the following day so that we have a good amount of the afternoon to deal with all of our logistics in Bucharest and be all set for our flight the next day.  It’s our major international travel day, so leaving nothing to chance that we don’t have to.  Leaving lots of time built into the plans for things to go wrong.

At this point, I’ve already been off of SGL for about a week and falling behind very quickly.  We’ve been busy with travel all over, then seeing village friends all weekend, then catching up and staying caught up on writing, getting the house packed and everything.  Just no spare time at all.  SGL is suffering a lot, I’m afraid.  There is very little that can be done about that.  I hope to be catching up soon, but it is going to be a monumental effort.

This travel life is exciting, but exhausting too.