June 27, 2016: Driving Back Out to Frankfort

It is Monday today, our second week back in the United States.  I got packed up this morning, spent time with dad, did some writing and posting and then this afternoon I got on the road with Art’s Chevy Malibu that I am borrowing while we are in New York and started driving out to Frankfort.

Utica Exit
Utica Exit on the NY Thruway

It is just under three hours from dad’s house to Dominica’s parents’ house.

I am very happy to get back out and see my kids again!  It was very nice getting some down time at dad’s house and getting to hang out just the two of us, but I really miss my kids when we are apart and I needed to get back to them.

Went out for ice cream tonight, as always happens when you are in Frankfort.  That is Francesca’s summer thing, ice cream every night (often sneaking away so that the kids don’t know that the adults are doing it.)  Nicky Doodles, tonight.

Emily and I walked up to the corner store and got beer as well.  The little place on the corner knows me.  They have the best craft beer selection in the region and are just like two blocks away.  It’s very nice.