June 6, 2016: Last Full Week in Romania

This is really the beginning of our home stretch, the last full, normal week in Baita.  We got some sun today, too.

Luciana did school today and was working on writing the number five.  It worked out well that she is recently turned five (since we were in Romania) and she took the cutest picture to celebrate how well she is writing them.

Luciana Homeschool
Luciana Doing Homeschool

It was writing and homeschool around the Miller house today.  Soon there will be plenty of disruption as we begin traveling back to the United States and we spend time with family and the cousins and so we need to get things done now while we can.  Dominica has started looking into the packing, our time is running out.

This evening the girls and I made one of our final dairy runs over to the farm next door.  Some of their friends were there and we were just enough early that the cow had not been milked yet, so the girls went into the barn and watched the cow get milked first hand.  They have kind of seen this but this was the most “in your face” milking yet.  Now they can appreciate just how fresh this milk really is.

Milking the Cow in Baita, Romania
Liesl and Luciana Getting Milk on the Farm

It wasn’t so rainy today and we had a nice sunset.