June 7, 2016: Hay There

No more grocery stops, no more dairy runs…. this is it. It is like we just passed the point of no return.  What we have is all that we are going to get and we need to make all of it count.  We have just a little sight seeing that we want to do before we leave Romania and we are hoping to be able to take the girls to see one of the famous salt mines before we leave.  Only a few days left, but we should be able to squeeze that in, yet.  And we have not yet made it to Transylvania’s capital of Cluj-Napoca.  We need to see that, too.

The rain help off today and it was a pretty nice day.  The hay and cow traffic has been picking up significantly as of late.  More and more carts full of hay pulled by horses, and streets full of cows are daily sights.

Hay Cart in Romania

Loose hay is practically the symbol of Romania.  You see it everywhere.  I have no idea why bailing hay is not done, but it really isn’t.